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Discover Financial Strength and Support

The Bridger Financial Group is passionate about helping business owners organize and prioritize their financial lives.  Business owners and especially women, tend to put 110% into running the business and taking care of their family.  This often leaves little time for anything else including important planning for the future.  

Look to Bridger Financial Group as your trusted partner who works closely with you to understand, organize and plan your financial life. Bridger helps you identify and design the path to your dreams and then does the heavy lifting to make it happen.  This enables you to focus on the other areas of your life with confidence.   

Journey from Possibility to Reality








Inspired by the Bridger Mountains and You 

Our name comes from the Bridger Mountains in Montana.  This area is known for its scenic trails, skiing, hiking, and camping. The Bridger team enjoys spending time outdoors with our families. We find that the happiness and challenges from hiking any mountains also represents the journey we take in our financial lives. 

Often, we are so focused on the climb that we are not as prepared as we should be for when we get to the top of the mountain. Retirement can be is similar to climbing a mountain. The journey is not over but rather starts a new phase as you appreciate your accomplishments and begin a new path.

Bridger Financial Group not only appreciates the outdoors but we also draw strength from this casual and comfortable environment.  We take this approach with our clients by having relaxed conversations rather than formal presentations.   


At Bridger Financial Group we help business owners organize and prioritize their financial lives so they can increase business focus, help minimize risk and take the journey from possibility to reality. 







The Gold Advisor of the Year award was created by XXI Financial. This annual award requires meeting their agency’s commission or premium, or income methods production requirements. It does not evaluate the quality of services provided and is not indicative of the award winner’s future performance.

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck