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Helping You Grow Your Business

Are you looking for ONE experienced professional to help manage all the moving parts of your financial plan?

Many women juggle all the financial moving parts themselves, which over time can be a time, energy, and resource drain.   

Our goal at Bridger Financial Group® is to design a  comprehensive financial plan that allows you to focus on what matters most.

Client Centered

We understand that female entrepreneurs have their own unique strengths. 

Our suite of business planning services is designed to speak to the needs of all types of female entrepreneurs,  every step of the way.

We help by developing strategies for: 

  • Striking a work/life balance
  • Business growth 
  • Insurance coverage
  • Exit and succession planning
  • Or all of the above

By analyzing the potential of your business from every angle, we strive to help find long-term success for you and your company.

Keeping Your Business Protected

Sustained business growth relies on wealth management services centered on well-informed insurance solutions.

Our team of financial specialists will analyze a range of options based on cost, quality, and how well it matches your business needs. 

Through careful risk assessment and policy review, we can help protect you and your assets in the future.

Client Centered

We don’t just give business planning advice—we’ve lived it!

Under the leadership of Melanie Colusci, Bridger Financial Group® offers holistic business planning for women in Pittsburgh and beyond.

As a longtime entrepreneur herself, Melanie has the business and financial planning experience to create a personalized and strategic roadmap that can help women achieve their financial goals.

Finding Investment Opportunities

Finding Investment Opportunities

Female entrepreneurs create success by making the right investment decisions at the right time, and knowing the next steps for their business.

At Bridger Financial Group®, we help sort through the available options to help make your business succeed.

Exit and Succession Planning

If you are considering retirement, it's best to begin the exit and succession planning early so you can rest assured the process is handled professionally.

Whether you are planning on selling your business or passing it on to a family member, we can help provide strategic advice for a smooth transition.

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