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Celebrate Your Administrative Professional on April 22!

Celebrate Your Administrative Professional on April 22!

April 06, 2020

Administrative Professionals Day is coming up on Wednesday, April 22, 2020! Every year it falls on a Wednesday during the last full week of April, and is one of the largest workplace observances outside of employee birthdays and major holidays.

Bridger celebrates this small holiday annually, but this year, we needed new, creative ideas since our administrative team members are working from home. We are like a family, and nothing is going to stop us from acknowledging their dedication and hard work!

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, we'd like to share our list of ideas to celebrate the indispensable people who keep our offices running so that we can focus on growing our businesses.

One thing's for sure, no matter what is going on in the world, it’s always a great idea to seize opportunities to recognize employees and INVEST in one of your business's most valuable assets – its people.


The Bridger Team

Video Call Lunch

  • Using a local restaurant delivery service, order lunch to your admin and colleagues’ homes and host a video call lunch party! Bonus points for choosing your admin’s favorite restaurant and taking time to express your gratitude during the virtual get-together.

Online Recognition

  • Encourage the entire staff to send thank you emails or videos to admins. Include personal stories of how an admin helped you out of a bind or makes your job easier on a daily basis.
  • Honor your admin by sharing your gratitude on social media using #AdminProfessionalsDay. You can include a screenshot of your video call lunch party or a photo of your admin working from home.

Offer Quality Time

  • Schedule a virtual team activity now or organize an in-person event later. Bridger regularly schedules out-of-box activities like zip-lining to  create bonds that are as authentic as they are deep. You will be surprised at the variety of virtual team building activities available on the internet!
  • Carve out time for a phone or video call to ask how your admins are doing, get feedback on their workload and listen to any suggestions to make their jobs easier. Giving your admins a voice makes them feel empowered, plus you might be surprised at the clever feedback you receive!

Provide a Learning Opportunity

  • Whether it's an online class, conference, or cross-training, there are countless possibilities to provide admins with a learning experience that would benefit both of you.

Gift Cards

  • Many retailer gift cards can be delivered electronically immediately after purchase, so it’s an easy, no-contact gift. Does your admin love a particular store or restaurant? Personalization is key because it shows that you are thoughtful and know their interests.