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Estate Preservation & Planning

Client Centered

Client Centered

Estate planning is about making sure your legacy is protected, which is why we take our work so seriously.

By focusing on the financial aspects of the process, our team can provide the support you need to lay the groundwork of a new estate plan, revise an existing one, or advise on any of your related concerns.

Simplifying Estate Planning

Simplifying Estate Planning

We start by getting all the essential information to help form a complete picture of your life and assets. 

Below, you’ll find examples of the most commonly reviewed information in creating your estate plan.

Family and beneficiaries - This includes a close look at the names, relationships, and ages of those closest to you. We'll ask about your property settlements, marriage records, and financial agreements.

Assets and liabilities - We will calculate the estimated value of your assets and take into account any liabilities you may have.

Your health - Information on your current health status is also a factor in estate planning, as well as that of any beneficiaries. We'll even take into consideration the average life spans of your ancestors.

Other existing estate plans - Our team will look at copies of any existing wills, along with documentation of other contracts concerning the disposition of assets.

Your personal goals - Ultimately, our aim is to put your priorities first, which is why any hopes, purposes, or objectives you have for your estate, or your beneficiaries will be a top concern throughout the entire process

Our Team Can Help

Our team is made up of experienced and skilled financial planning professionals. Once we have all the relevant information outlined above, we will offer our expertise to support your estate plan in these key ways:

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Analyzing Assets

By closely analyzing your assets, we can help you decide which ones to retain and which to dispose of to maximize the health of your estate. If outside expertise is required to value and dispose of assets, we will help guide you in choosing the best professional help.

Reducing Taxes

Assets included in your estate may be subject to estate and probate taxes. Our team will help you estimate the impact of these factors while also trying to minimize them.

Planning Liquidity Needs

Managing the cash, or liquidity, aspect of your estate is especially important for your beneficiaries. By carefully planning liquidity needs we will ensure they are well taken care of.

Working Together as Your Estate Plan Evolves

The best estate plans are ones that grow and evolve with your needs. Everything including births, deaths, new marriages, legislation, and employee benefits can all play a role, meaning your plan needs to keep up with the times. We always take this into account and make sure your plan stays relevant well into the future. After your estate plan is complete, staying in contact with our team for the long term is the best way to be sure it is up to date.